No franchisee is as strong as all franchisees united together..

Welcome to the Columbia Pacific 7-11 Franchise Owners Association's Website. Our mission is to facilitate communication between 7-Eleven Corporation and the Franchisee community, help Franchisees resolve issues, obtain and disseminate useful information, and promote social interaction among the 7-Eleven personnel, the Vendor community and the member  Franchisees. 

Columbia Pacific FOA comprises of 7-Eleven Franchisees from the state of Oregon and SW Washington state.

Board Members

Position Name Phone number Email
President Harbhajan Ghotra 503-998-5941
VP- North Stan Singh 360-513-0289
VP - South Balwir (Goga) Jutla 541-337-2951
Treasurer Junaid Akhtar 503-901-1677 
Secretary Ishtiaq Rajput 503-888-0001
Member Akhtar Chisti 503-998-3430
Member Don Scarpelli 541-485-5694
Member Manzer Manzoor 503-816-4364
Member Don Zeleznik 503-333-1942
Member Jim Gustin 503-586-6200
Member M. Nauman Sikandar 971-340-3020

About Us

Our Mission is:

To maintain research and educate programs for 7-Eleven Franchisees in order that the may better serve the public. 
To promote, develop and assist 7-Eleven store franchisees in organizing and maintaining a effective trade association to their respective geographical areas. 
To communicate with the various regional and national trade associations of convenience store franchisees and coordinate their efforts for the attainment of a social and economic framework which will enhance convenience store franchising, serve the public and provide fairness and justice for the convenience store franchisees. 
The Columbia Pacific Franchisee Owners Association has a elected representative as a voting member on the National Coalition of 7-Eleven Franchisee's Board of Directors.
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